Professional speaker AG-B1202

Bluetooth model

Product features


Speaker size 52 mm

The range of use is more than 10M

Signal to noise ratio greater than 90db


AG-B1202 professional speaker is a great choice for traveling and small gatherings. This speaker uses Bluetooth version 5.0 to connect to other devices and has an output power of 5 watts. If you are planning to buy this speaker, we suggest you don’t miss reading the rest of this article.

Specifications of AG-B1202 professional speaker

The AG-B1202 professional speaker is one of the most affordable speakers in the market. This device also supports memory card. The good battery of this speaker can play your favorite music for 5 hours. The design of this speaker is also remarkable and there are a number of physical buttons on the body to control the files being played. Strong bass, high volume and USB A port for charging and connecting tablets and mobile phones are other characteristics of this inexpensive speaker.

Price of AG-B1202 professional speaker

AG-B1202 professional speaker is one of the most popular and most expensive professional speakers in the market; Due to currency and dollar fluctuations ruling the country, it is not possible to announce an exact price for this product. To get the price of the AG-B1202 professional speaker, you can contact the advisors of Avaargon store.

Online purchase of AG-B1202 professional speaker from Avaargon

By purchasing AG-B1202 professional speaker, you can listen to the most pleasant songs and podcasts in the best sound quality. Ava Argon is one of the reliable Iranian companies in the field of design and production of audio equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors does the AG-B1202 professional speaker have?

Avaargon company produces and supplies this product in black and red colors.

What kind of speaker battery is 1202 avaargon?

The battery of this product is a lithium battery; Lithium battery is known as a type of rechargeable and very widely used battery.

How many ways does the AG-B1202 speaker connect to different devices?

Avaargon speaker has the ability to connect via Bluetooth, micro RAM, flash memory and AUX port.

Download the AR Smart application

You can download AR Smart application for better and easier performance of Ava Argon speakers.

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