Application AR Smart

The AR Smart application, as a user interface between Ava Argon speakers and users, provides the ability to easily manage the speakers and displays a lasting experience. This application is a smart sound that doubles the pleasure of listening.

Features of our app


Free use

AR Smart application is free for Ava Argon customers.


Pleasant experience

By using this application, you will hear a different sound experience.


Easy management

Using this application, it is easy and fast to use Argon’s Ava speakers.

Integration of Ava Argon speakers

With the help of this application, you can easily use Ava Argon speakers and enjoy twice as much.

Features of the AR Smart application

The work of AR Smart software is the complete management of the speaker. By using this software, all the work that is done physically on the speaker can be implemented, such as:

Install now!

For better use of Ava Argon speakers, you can download the AR Smart application through the following solutions.