Professional speaker AG-B1200

Bluetooth model

Product features


Speaker size 52 mm

The range of use is more than 10M

Signal to noise ratio greater than 90db

Technical specifications of the product

Bluetooth version: V5


Range of use: more than 10M

Signal to noise ratio: more than 90db

Battery: 3.7V, 1200mAh

Working time: about 2 hours with LED off

Speaker size: 52 mm

Speaker power: 4 ohms / 7 watts

Band frequency: 120 Hz – 20 kHz

Main dimensions of the device: 90.5*85.7*90 m

Net weight: 318.5g (without accessories)

Charger: 5V/500mA

Charging time: 3 hours


The AG-B1200 professional speaker is a great choice for those who like to listen to their favorite podcasts and music while traveling, at the beach, on a picnic, in the mountains, etc. The Ava Argon portable speaker has compact dimensions and a suitable weight, so you can easily carry it. The price of this product is very reasonable and acceptable compared to its quality and performance.

Specifications of AG-B1200 professional speaker

Agora AG-B1200 portable speaker is one of the best products of Ava Argon brand. This speaker has various features, such as the possibility of using up to a radius of more than 10 meters. This product is easily connected to the phone and tablet via Bluetooth and you can play the most enjoyable songs with it. The Agora speaker has a 3.7V battery with a capacity of 1200mAh, which can provide about 2 hours of music playback (without the light on).

Price of AG-B1200 professional speaker

Due to the currency conditions of the country and the instability of the dollar price, the price of the AG-B1200 professional speaker cannot be presented accurately. You can visit Ava Argon to see the exact and current price of this product.

Online purchase of AG-B1200 professional speaker from Avaargon

By buying the AG-B1200 professional speaker from Avaargon online, you can enjoy listening to podcasts, music and movies. So get this unique product from Avaargon right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bluetooth version of the AG-B1200 professional speaker?

The bluetooth version of this speaker is v5.3; You can place your speaker up to a maximum distance of 10 meters from the phone to play music.

What is the battery capacity of AG-B1200 speaker?

The 3.7V battery of this speaker with a capacity of 1200mAh can provide about 2 hours of music playback in normal mode.

Is this speaker big?

No; The physical dimensions of this device are 90 mm, 85.7 mm and 90.5 mm in length, width and height respectively.

Download the AR Smart application

You can download AR Smart application for better and easier performance of Ava Argon speakers.

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