Argon speaker AR-R1204

Trolly model

This powerful speaker with two 6.5-inch subwoofers has the ability to play sound with a power of 8000 watts and RMS 40 W. Thanks to the portability of the device, it can be charged with a 12-volt 2.6-amp battery Argon portable speaker model AR-666 supports and is powered by a 15V 2A adapter.

Product features

2.0 digital speaker

AR Smart application

DSP technology

System protection IC

Advanced equalizer system

KTV capability

Technical specifications of the product

RGB lighting effects

Wireless and wired microphone support

Smart remote control

SUBWOFFER 2 x 12, tweeter 1x

USB input with audio format support

Memory card input

FM radio wave

AUX input

Ability to connect via Bluetooth

Wireless stereo connection

Karaoke feature

Guitar input

Battery: 12 volts, 9 amps

Microphone priority feature

Ability to record microphone sound

150W: RMS

Output power (P.M.P.O.): 19000W

Dimensions: 1010x400x410 mm

Quick product evaluation

Sound quality: 9 out of 10
Strength: 7 out of 10
Beauty: 5 out of 10
Win: 4 out of 10


Doing daily tasks and listening to music makes you feel relaxed and happy that you can enjoy doing your daily tasks more by listening to your favorite songs. Argon home speaker model Ar-t1204 is one of the best speakers that you can enjoy listening to your favorite songs.

Introducing Argon speaker model Ar-t1204

One of the best types of Trolly audio systems in the market is Argon home speaker model Ar-t1204, which features DSP, TWS and exclusive AR Smart software. Also, this speaker has a special ability to record the sound of the microphone, which makes it an ideal and suitable choice for you.

Features of Argon home speaker model Ar-t1204

Argon home speaker model Ar-t1204 is equipped with a microphone and in addition it has various communication ports such as AUX, FM, USB and TF CARD. Also, due to the exclusive feature of AR SMART, you can connect to the speaker via Bluetooth and control the management of all parts of the device via Bluetooth.

Karaoke capability and having a guitar input are among the other top features of Argon model 1204 Ar_ home speaker, and other features of this home music player include 12 volt 9 amp battery, smart remote control and wireless stereo connection.

Buy Argon home speaker model Ar-t1204

When you intend to buy Argon speaker model Ar-t1204, in addition to the price, you should pay attention to other important factors such as speaker capabilities, size, nominal power, input, etc.

The price of Argon home speaker model Ar-t1204

The price of Argon home speaker model Ar-t1204 cannot be determined precisely and consistently; Because the price of this product is related to the fluctuations of the market, and for more detailed inquiries and to know the terms of purchasing this product, you can refer to the desired site.

Download the AR Smart application

You can download AR Smart application for better and easier performance of Ava Argon speakers.

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