Argon speaker AR-T1201

Trolly model

This powerful speaker with two 6.5-inch subwoofers has the ability to play sound with a power of 8000 watts and RMS 40 W. Thanks to the portability of the device, it can be charged with a 12-volt 2.6-amp battery Argon portable speaker model AR-666 supports and is powered by a 15V 2A adapter.

Product features

2.0 digital speaker

AR Smart application

DSP technology

System protection IC

Advanced equalizer system

KTV capability

Technical specifications of the product

DSP technology

RGB lighting effects

Smart remote control

Support wired wireless microphone

AUX input

Ability to connect via Bluetooth

Wireless stereo connection

Karaoke feature

Battery: 12 volts, 12 amps

Microphone priority feature

Ability to record microphone sound

120W: RMS

Output power (P.M.P.O.): 17000W

Dimensions: 122x340x340 mm

Speaker unit: SUBWOFFER 2 x 12, tweeter 1x

Quick product evaluation

Sound quality: 9 out of 10
Strength: 9 out of 10
Beauty: 7 out of 10
Win: 5 out of 10


Indeed, today, music has a colorful place in our lives and during daily work. You can experience listening to music without scratches and in the highest quality and clarity of music in Argon music speakers model Ar-t1201 and do your work with the best sound quality.

Introducing Argon speaker model Ar-t1201

Argon home speaker model Ar-t1201 is one of the DJ audio systems that is liked by many people because of its KTV capability and also its protective LC. Also, this speaker has desirable capabilities and features that distinguish it from other speakers.

Features of Argon home speaker model Ar-t1201

Argon home speaker model Ar-t1201 is one of the most popular models of home speakers, the most important features of this product are RGB light effects, karaoke capability, microphone priority, etc.

It should be mentioned that Argon Ar-t1201 home speaker has other prominent features such as wireless stereo connection, support for wireless and wired microphones, and smart remote control. Also, due to the ability to connect via Bluetooth through this speaker, you can manage the playback of all songs.

Buy Argon home speaker model Ar-t1201

When buying a speaker, you should not buy based on the appearance, because the quality and other factors are the priority of your choice. In fact, in addition to paying attention to the external characteristics of the speaker, you should also pay attention to the quality, nominal power, capabilities, inputs, sound clarity, etc.; Therefore, we suggest you to buy Argon home speaker model Ar-t1201.

The price of Argon home speaker model Ar-t1201

The price of Argon home speaker model Ar-t1201 does not have a fixed and uniform price and depends on factors such as fluctuations in the target market; Therefore, to inquire about the price and to know about the latest price changes of this product, you should visit the relevant site.

Download the AR Smart application

You can download AR Smart application for better and easier performance of Ava Argon speakers.

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