Argon speaker AR-D1261

DJ model

This powerful speaker with two 6.5-inch subwoofers has the ability to play sound with a power of 8000 watts and RMS 40 W. Thanks to the portability of the device, it can be charged with a 12-volt 2.6-amp battery Argon portable speaker model AR-666 supports and is powered by a 15V 2A adapter.

Product features

2.0 digital speaker

AR Smart application

DSP technology

System protection IC

Advanced equalizer system

KTV capability

Technical specifications of the product

Speaker model 2.0 DJ

DSP technology

The ability to connect to the exclusive AR SMART software

System protection IC

DG MODE feature

USB input with support for audio and video formats

AUX audio input

Image output

Optical, coaxial, memory card inputs

Ability to connect via Bluetooth

FM radio wave

LCD screen with the ability to display song information

The ability to charge devices with a working voltage of 5 watts

RGB lighting effects

disco lights

Guitar input

Wireless microphone support

Wired microphone support

Wireless microphone with DSP technology

Smart remote control

Karaoke feature

Advanced equalizer system

MDF body, 16 mm

500W: RMS

Output power (P.M.P.O.): 25000W

Dimensions: 1425x380x390 mm

Speaker unit: SUBWOFFER 6 x 12, tweeter 2x

Quick product evaluation

Sound quality: 10 out of 10
Strength: 9 out of 10
Beauty: 7 out of 10
Win: 7 out of 10


Drinking a cup of tea and listening to high-quality, smooth music is one of the most enjoyable feelings in life, and you can experience this peace and joy by purchasing Argon home speaker model Ar-d1261.

Introducing Argon speaker model Ar-d1261

Argon home speaker model Ar-d1261 is one of the types of DJ systems with DJ Mode. It also has optical, coaxial and memory card inputs and supports audio files in multiple formats.

Features of Argon home music player model Ar-d1261

Argon home speaker model Ar-d1261 has the capability via Bluetooth, and for this reason there is no need to sit next to the speaker and you can connect to this device from a distance. You can also see song information due to the LCD screen.

Among the other attractive features of Argon home speaker model Ar-d1261, we can mention disco light, optical light, system protection lc, exclusive AR Smart software. It also supports wired and wireless microphones and its dimensions are 1425 x 380 x 390 mm.

Buy Argon speaker model Ar-d1261

Do not base the purchase of the speaker solely on the price and pay attention to important points such as the following.

Music playback quality
nominal power
Battery voltage
shopping center

Considering that Argon home music player model Ar-d1261 has desirable features, so we suggest you to buy this product.

The purchase price of Argon home music player model Ar-d1261

As you know, considering the economic conditions of the society, it is not possible to set a fixed price for buying and selling home speakers due to the fluctuations in the market; Therefore, for detailed information on the price of Argon home speaker model Ar-d1261, you should refer to the reference site.

Download the AR Smart application

You can download AR Smart application for better and easier performance of Ava Argon speakers.

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