professional speaker AR-T2000

Trolly model

Product features

Wireless microphone support

With handles and wheels for easy portability

Has a radio wave

Smart remote control

Ability to connect Bluetooth to the system

Karaoke feature


AR-T2000 professional speaker is highly recommended for those who have a special place in their hearts. Because by purchasing this product, they can listen to the most pleasant music and podcasts without the need for wires and cables. One of the attractive features of this speaker is two 10 subwoofers installed on it, which made the music play with more power and quality.

AR-T2000 professional speaker specifications

AR-T2000 professional speaker is one of the most popular products of Ava Argon company. This trolley speaker is a professional standing sound system that has 1700 watts of sound power. The many features and capabilities of this product will make your gatherings and parties exciting and memorable.
The 2000 Ava Argon trolley speaker is produced in a standard and suitable size so that it does not occupy much space. This speaker has many blue LED lamps that are used for ambient lighting, light dancing, party lighting, thunderbolt, etc.

The price of AR-T2000 professional speaker

The price of AR-T2000 professional speaker considering its unique performance and efficiency; It is very suitable. To know the special and exact price of this product, you can contact Ava Argon colleagues.

Online purchase of AR-T2000 professional speaker from Ava Argon

You can buy AR-T2000 professional speaker with the best quality and the best price from Ava Argon website. After checking the order, Ava Argon’s sales team will send you the desired product as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Argon 2000 Ava professional speaker support wireless microphone?

Yes; In addition to intelligent control, this product has the ability to support wireless microphones.

How much output power does the AR-T2000 professional speaker have?

The instantaneous output power of this device is about 1700 watts and its real power is calculated to be 120 watts.

What are the dimensions of the 2000 Ava Argon speaker?

In general, the dimensions of this product are about 31.5 x 33.5 x 94 mm.

Download the AR Smart application

You can download AR Smart application for better and easier performance of Ava Argon speakers.

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